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My Journey

How Did I End Up "Here"??  

When I was a kid, I had one of those red, plastic  toy cameras, and I couldn't wait until I was 'old enough' to have a real camera to save my own memories.


I remember my Dad always having a camera in his hands. Every vacation, holiday, birthday, or 'just because' moment was forever placed in a photograph or a slide. His Passing has helped me realize just how important savoiring each moment is, and why capturing them on film should be cherished.

Our 5th grade class trip was to D.C., and my Dad entrusted me with one of his smaller cameras, you know the one with the rolled film and the cube flash? I still enjoy looking through those photos from that trip.

I became the sports photographer, and then the activities photographer, for the school yearbook. I truly enjoyed being able to capture that moment of team spirit, of hard work, and the sense of belonging in those I was photographing. And in all of it, I found myself belonging as well.

I knew then, I wanted to be a photographer....but life had a strange way of taking me down many paths along my journey.

With 3 college degrees, and lots of life experience, everything still revolved around making lasting memories with my photography. It's been an exciting roller coaster so far, and I can't wait to see where my future adventures take me!

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